Meissner Beginner Loop

9 Feb 2024 6:09 AM | Anonymous

Although this was advertised as a beginner event, the four participants that showed up on February 9, 2024, were clearly in the novice level.  We met at the Grove and got to know each other a bit, then headed up the mountain into a sunny clear day!  The predicted high was 30 degrees, but in the sun it felt like 60!

As a consequence we had a some sticking/icing issues on a couple pairs of new skis.  Janie and I decided to do a wax test:  on the right ski she applied F4 liquid wax, and on the left ski I rubbed and corked in 50 year old polar glide wax.  Within a few hundred yards, the conclusion was obvious; the finely aged hard wax was clearly superior.  So we repeated the hard wax rub and cork on Steve's skis for a glide he clearly enjoyed!  Meanwhile Elie and Judy were gliding so well they were making good use of the one ski plow to slow down; a skill not used by either for many years!

Everyone enjoyed the Currant Way-Pine Drops-Tangent loop, which took just under 2 hours to complete.  It was an opportunity to work on weight transfer and glide with a bit of double poling thrown in to the mix.  A bit tiring, but fun!

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