CONC Ski Tour: Swampy Beginner Loop

  • 25 Jan 2024
  • 1:00 PM
  • Parking Lot at the Pavilion (west end of skating rink)
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 When: Thursday, January 25, afternoon

Where we'll ski: Starting at the Swampy Lakes sno-park, we'll ski the Beginner Loop.

Meeting time/place: Meeting at the parking lot at the Pavilion (the west end of the ice skating rink). We will be leaving by 1 pm, so plan to arrive in time to organize, sign waivers, and organize carpools.

Distance/hours: Ski is 2.25 miles round trip. Plan on spending 3-4 hours including drive time to/from the trailhead.

Brief Trail description: A pleasant trip along gentle terrain through lodgepole pine.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner Tour: This means that to go on this tour you will have had some basic instruction on basic cross-country skiing skills including diagonal striding, step turns, snow plow and snow plow turns. The terrain will be mostly gentle and provide you an opportunity to improve your skills.

 Note: the difficulty of any trail can change based on current conditions such as ice, and may necessitate changes to the route.

These are general guidelines when considering a group ski with CONC. Please honestly access your ability in order to feel comfortable and enjoy the day, but without hindering the enjoyment of others.

Conditions vary according to weather and trail conditions. Be aware that medical help may be limited or delayed.

You must be physically fit enough to participate safely in this activity within the anticipated time. If you have any doubts about your ability to meet these requirements, please contact me before the tour.

What to bring:

Skis should be designed for touring, and be adequate for the type of trip and terrain likely to be encountered. In general, skis should have a no-wax pattern for grip and metal edges for control on ice or hard pack conditions. Minimum width at the waist of the ski should be greater than 52mm. Wider skis will provide better stability in more difficult conditions.

Boots should be over the ankle for support and control, and compatible with the bindings on the skis.

Poles should have large baskets so they don’t sink too deeply in soft snow. Adjustable poles are good for varying terrain conditions.

Skis, boots and poles designed exclusively for skiing on machine groomed tracks are not recommended.

 Ten Essentials

 Proper winter clothing for insulation and protection from wind and rain. Dress in layers. No cotton!

 Water and snacks. Snacks are often eaten outside. Bring food that can be easily eaten quickly in case it is cold.

 Number of participants: 8 skiers total.

 Dogs are not allowed on this trip.

Trip Leader Contact: Mark Montgomery, 435 669 2666. Please contact me if your plans change and you cannot attend.



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