• 15 Feb 2024 9:00 PM | Laura Seaver (Administrator)

    Wild Apricot Tips and Tricks

    Our new website is powered by software called Wild Apricot.  Here are some Tips and Tricks for getting more out of your CONC membership.

    1. Get your profile up to date!  This is particularly important if you are interested in being notified for volunteer opportunities or want to get an email when a new ski or snowshoe event posts.  If you haven't looked at your profile yet, log in to the CONC website and check it out.  For more information on how to do this, check out this article. 

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    4. There is an app for that!  You can find the app "Wild Apricot  for members" in the App Store or Google Play.  It's an easy way to keep track of Events and to keep your profile up to date.  Registering for an event, looking at the list of events and the list of which events you are registered for, and cancelling your registration if you can't make it are all much easier in the app.  However, one limitation is that you can't add yourself to the waitlist through the app; you have to go to the CONC website for that.

    Here is more information about the app:
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    Note: CONC does not have a member directory, so those features are not available. 

    If you are a CONC admin or trip leader, you'll also find the "Wild Apricot for admins" app to be useful.

    If you belong to more than one club that uses Wild Apricot, you can still use the app.  If you have different passwords for each club, you'll have to log out of one club then log in to the next.  However, if you use the same password for your different clubs, you can switch between them in the app without logging out.  It's a bit lower security but much easier.

  • 13 Feb 2024 10:26 PM | Laura Seaver (Administrator)

    Six skiers headed out to venture beyond the marked trails.  Most had never explored Wanoga beyond the groomed dog trails if indeed that far.  So this knockabout ski did open a small world for them.  Big views.  The best snow I have ever had there.  A little very sparkly powder on the firm base.  2+ hours later, the snow was softer, but still not breaking thru the crust.  We circled the perimeter of the area most people ski.  A little bit on the bike trail.  Again, very fine conditions.

  • 10 Feb 2024 8:04 AM | Anonymous

    This year, Jerry Sebestyen organized three beginner ski schools: two "Beginner-Beginner" sessions and one "Beginner-Backcountry" lesson.  All were a smashing success, and snow conditions turned out to be great for all three sessions. More than 50 CONC members benefitted from the beginner lessons. With more than a dozen CONC volunteers serving as lead instructors and co-instructors, students benefitting from low student-to-teacher ratios.

    Much of the Beginner-Beginner courses were conducted on the groomed tracks that extend into Swampy Sno-Park and at the Meissner area.  Basic classic technique was presented and practiced.  In the Beginner-Backcountry class, more time was spent in the Swampy area.  Techniques covered were getting up from a fall in deep snow, going uphill off track, and how to slow down, stop, and turn going downhill.

    For all classes, I've only heard great things.  Thank you to everybody who participated, everybody who instructed, and especially Jerry for organizing!

  • 9 Feb 2024 6:26 AM | Anonymous

    Jerry Sebestyen organized a social at BTBS primarily to welcome new CONC members on Tuesday, February 6.  The concept that evolved from Warren's head was to have three information stations: "Gear", "Go Here", and "Volunteer".  We also limited attendance through a signup on the Event announcement, and Eileen supplied the two colors of name tags; one for new members and one for "old" to help club integration.

    We kept gear to the basics (no AT or Tele) but with some snowshoes and new stuff (Xplore bindings) thrown in.  Most new members had a lot of questions about gear, so this basic repertoire really served the purpose.  The "Go Here" station was complemented by several maps, from the "One Map" to a few large format SnoPark maps.  A lot of discussion on where to snowshoe and where to go for the easy trails ensued.  The "Volunteer" station (attended by me) had few signups, but a lot of introductions and meeting new members, which was really the point!

    The limited attendance (Eileen calculated about 50) was perfect for BTBS.  There was no shouting required like back in November when we overloaded the place.  As a consequence, discoveries like Ed and Mark finding out that they grew up within a few blocks of each other in Ithaca, NY were enabled.  And I got to meet my Crater Lake carpooling buddies, so I felt that the social aspect of the evening was definitely accomplished!  I hope everyone else in attendance felt the same.

  • 9 Feb 2024 6:09 AM | Anonymous

    Although this was advertised as a beginner event, the four participants that showed up on February 9, 2024, were clearly in the novice level.  We met at the Grove and got to know each other a bit, then headed up the mountain into a sunny clear day!  The predicted high was 30 degrees, but in the sun it felt like 60!

    As a consequence we had a some sticking/icing issues on a couple pairs of new skis.  Janie and I decided to do a wax test:  on the right ski she applied F4 liquid wax, and on the left ski I rubbed and corked in 50 year old polar glide wax.  Within a few hundred yards, the conclusion was obvious; the finely aged hard wax was clearly superior.  So we repeated the hard wax rub and cork on Steve's skis for a glide he clearly enjoyed!  Meanwhile Elie and Judy were gliding so well they were making good use of the one ski plow to slow down; a skill not used by either for many years!

    Everyone enjoyed the Currant Way-Pine Drops-Tangent loop, which took just under 2 hours to complete.  It was an opportunity to work on weight transfer and glide with a bit of double poling thrown in to the mix.  A bit tiring, but fun!

  • 29 Jan 2024 2:27 PM | Anonymous

    I sent out a dire warning the week before the club ski trip to Mazama was scheduled for everyone to bring a rain jacket!  I failed to mention the terrible road conditions on Hwy 97!  The forecast did not look good.  But everyone arrived safely, and we did not have any rain the entire week!  Two mornings we awoke to 2-3" of fresh snow.  The last day at Sun Mountain was clear, crisp, and presented us with most excellent snow.


    Only nine people signed up for the trip, leaving me to wonder if people are tired of "the same old destination" or if the food service was so bad last year that word got around and few wanted to risk it.  However, I had talked with Andy, the guest manager, and he vowed to step up the food presentation several notches.  And did he ever!


    We had appetizers every night by the fire, and he even wore his chef's hat to present Michel with a "Birthday" cake (lemon curd!); because for Michel, everyday is a birthday!


    But it was also the dinners and breakfasts that were quite amazing, with four or five courses each.  We were all impressed with the meals and swear we all gained a couple of pounds inspite of the good, daily skiing with the new groomed track right outside the Inn's back door!



  • 25 Jan 2024 3:25 PM | Laura Seaver (Administrator)

    Five CONC members refused to join the conga line of skiers heading up to Mt. Bachelor last Sunday.   We changed plans, skied from the Swampy Lakes snopark and were rewarded with a memorable tour in the forests.   It was a compilation of trails, including the Ridge, Shelter, Crosscut and a finish on the Swampy loop.   Trail breaking was part of the experience and we were joined by another club member whom caught up to us.  We experienced a variety of weather conditions; from snowfall, intermittent winds and even some icy crystals.  All enjoyed a great day on the snow.

  • 16 Jan 2024 6:22 PM | Anonymous

    Better late than never for snow on the trails. In-season maintenance of the snowshoe trails began this week at Swampy. Leaving cold and gray skies in Bend, Dave Alward, Kurt Keasy, Kelly Eager, Chuck DelCamre, Gary Evans, Bill Silliman, Christie Crowe, Dennis Damici, Kurt Koegler and Bob Timmer headed counter-clockwise on the Porcupine Snowshoe trail. We found great snow and temperatures in the 20’s at the sno-park; 34 by lunchtime. Our goals for the day were to clear any blowdown, replace any missing reassurance markers and trim for marker visibility.

     We were excited to shoe the new Summit Bypass trail for the first time after its completion last fall. The extra height from the snow let us trim higher for marker visibility.

    After work on  Summit Bypass, the group divided into two teams so we could check and clear all of the trail segments. Several saplings and a few blowdown were cleared.

    Snowshoe trail maintenance will continue on Tuesdays; weather permitting. 

    Updates on the trail conditions, whether they be problems with signage or blowdown or “all clear” are really appreciated as it lets us prioritize our work. Please use either the CONC Trail form or an email to

    Click HERE for the most recent condition reports for the snowshoe trails

  • 7 Jan 2024 8:40 PM | Laura Seaver (Administrator)

    Thanks to a lot of flexibility on the part of the instructor and the students, the four skate ski clinics all happened eventually.  Two were postponed  3 days, one was postponed 2 weeks, and one actually held as originally scheduled.  All the sessions had to be moved from Meissner to the MtB Nordic Center.  Everyone improved and seemed pleased with the lessons.  Photos were hard to come by, as everyone was too focused on teaching and learning, but a few images slipped out.

  • 3 Jan 2024 6:06 AM | Anonymous

    January 1, 2024 and there is NO SNOW in Bend!!!  The scheduled "show-and-go" ski outing was scrapped of necessity and hikes were substituted.  A few club members began the New Year with a hike on the Riley Ranch trails. It was a clear and cool winter day walking along the Deschutes river through the Ponderosa pines.  A wonderful alternative to skiing as we wait for more snow ❄️.  Another group of 14 folks headed to Otter Bench, hoping for trails that weren't muddy.  

    And they got that; but as they approached the trailhead with clear views of Smith Rock, they desc-

    ended into a fog bank.  No matter!  Everyone mingled and converged into small social groups to welcome the New Year; and ate lunch standing up!


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